Civil War History

The Civil War City

Worcester witnessed the opening and closing battles of the Civil War, ending in a final clash between Royalists and Parliamentarians in the Battle of Worcester in 1651. There are many signs of this battle throughout the city and history enthusiasts will enjoy immersing themselves in the Civil War story as they explore the sites of the

The Commandery, Civil War HQ

The Commandery served as battle headquarters for the Royalist army and their defeat is a defining moment in the evolution of modern day democracy. The museum’s interactive experience takes you back 350 years into a murky, conflicted 17th century Worcester of fiery debates, gunpowder and dank city streets.

Master tactical techniques with battlefield strategy and uncover the stories of families torn apart by war. Meet countless characters on the journey, coming face to face with the formidable Oliver Cromwell and learn about the visit of future US Presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to Worcester in 1786.

6 Civil War Reenactors carrying flags and replica weapons pass The Commandery led by a man dressed as Charles IThe Commandery is located in Worcester City centre on the main A44 just three minutes’ walk from the Cathedral and the High Street. The nearest car parks are on King Street and Commandery Road.

For more information and contact details, visit their page here.

Worcester Cathedral

Charles watched the progress of the battle and planned tactics with his commanders from the Cathedral tower which offers panoramic views of the battle sites and is open for tours. The Cathedral is also the final resting place of the Duke of Hamilton who died of wounds sustained in the battle. Information about opening hours and access can be found here.

Fort Royal Park

Fort Royal Park is of critical historical significance to the city as the site of the 1651 Battle of Worcester, the final battle of the war. It is well worth the short climb to the top of this hill for the spectacular views across the city.

An image from the top of Fort Royal Hill looking out over the city with the Cathedral in the background. The sky is blue it is a summer's day

Guided Tours

The Faithful Story
Relive Worcester’s past during the English civil wars through tales of the struggles between king and Parliament, played out on the very streets you are walking along! Discover Prince Rupert’s plans for the crumbling walls, look down on the city from Fort Royal & hear of the vandalism of the Parliamentarian forces in the Cathedral. 

The Battlefield Story
This is a half-day, five mile tour of the fields where the first (1642) and final (1651) battles of the English Civil War took place. Follow the route of the Royalist forces, cross the meadows alongside the rivers Severn and Teme, stand where the famous bridge of boats may have stood and walk across the very bridge at Powick, that once rang out with the sound of cavalry horses as they heralded the start of one of the most important periods of our history.

These tours are led by Discover History and bookable upon request by contacting 07949 222137 or

Civil War Story
Your guide will take you to Fort Royal Hill where you can view the city as King Charles II did. Visit the Royalist headquarters, and hear the dramatic tales of the last days of the bloody Civil War. The battle of Worcester, where King Charles II finally lost his Kingdom and escaped Cromwell’s soldiers – by the skin of his teeth. This tour is led by Worcester Walks, book your place here.


Self-guided tours

The Battle of Worcester City Centre Trail allows you to explore and discover the city in your own time during your stay, taking in key stopping points such as The Commandery and Fort Royal Park.