Cycling In Worcester


Cycling In Worcester

Cycling is big news in Worcester city and is growing in popularity with hobbyists and serious cyclists alike. The historic city is ideal for travel by bike, with a number of routes to choose from.  A stunning bridge over the River Severn at Diglis makes it easy to cross the river and creates a picturesque circular route around the riverside whether you are commuting to work or spending some quality time with friends and family.

Worcester grew as a city thanks to the industrial advances afforded by the River Severn and riverside tourism and leisure is still hugely important today.  The city’s other waterway is the Worcester & Birmingham Canal which is a scenic route amongst the districts and has a fully cyclable towpath.  Around the suburbs there are various cycle routes, all signposted and well-maintained

The city has excellent links with other districts in the region as well as the National Cycle Network.  Within just a few minutes bike ride, you can have escaped the hustle and bustle and be deep in the heart of the countryside with all its breath-taking scenery.

Whatever your reason for cycling, by using the bike you could:

  • Save money Once you have bought a bike, the running costs are extremely low in comparison to the car.
  • Improve your health and fitness Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level of a person 10 years younger. Regular cycling also halves the risk of heart attacks and helps reduce risk factors like high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • Save time Cycling offers one of the most reliable journey times day after day. In urban areas cycling often saves time as you can cycle past stationary traffic and for short trips it is often quicker than using the car.
  • Go where cars can’t go Cycling is not only constrained to the road!  Cyclists are able to make use of specialist bike paths, shared use pathways and bridleways, all of which act as useful shortcuts.
  • Park easily You don’t need to worry about fighting over parking spaces or remembering to carry the correct change for the parking meter. Cycle parking is free and conveniently located.
  • Go Green By riding your bike you’ll be doing your bit for the environment as cycling emits no carbon dioxide and helps to relieve traffic congestion.