23 February 2021

For the kids!

23 February 2021

For the kids!

Ideas to help treat the little ones while they're still inside!

With home learning and not being able to go outside often, lockdown has been particularly difficult for the little ones! Plus, it’s been a while since Christmas so it might be time to spoil them again!

This Saturday (27th February) is National Pokémon Day and there’s so many places in Worcester that can help you out! You might be looking for some of the games, the trading cards or perhaps some toys or plushies, and here’s a list below of places you can shop for any of these:

Toys and Games: https://www.thevideodrome.net/

Toy Town: https://www.toytownstores.com/

Monkee Business: https://monkeebusinessshop.com/

The Entertainer: https://www.thetoyshop.com/

Of course cards and books can also be picked up from book stores, and 2nd March is another opportunity to celebrate reading as it’s Dr Seuss’ birthday! Take a look at the links below to find some good new reads for the kids and yourself in the form of books and ebooks!

Waterstones: https://www.waterstones.com/

The Works: https://www.theworks.co.uk/

The Hive: http://www.thehiveworcester.org/

Don’t forget you can also shop through you local independent book stores and charity shops too!