13 April 2021

Sensory Sundays!

13 April 2021

Sensory Sundays!

A new opportunity for a safer shopping experience at Marks and Spencers!

Marks and Spencer’s Sensory Sundays have gotten off to a great start!

“At M&S Worcester we understand that sometimes shopping can be a bit of a sensory overload for some people. This is why we have decided to dedicate our first hour of trade on Sundays to create a sensory friendly shopping experience.

What is Sensory Friendly Shopping?

-We will be reducing in-store lighting for those who are light sensitive.

-Music will be turned off during sensory shopping.

-Phones will be put on silent.

-We will be avoiding ringing till bells

-We will be limiting noise wherever we can.
-Staff will be more available to help our customers during this time.

We think this is a fantastic opportunity for our store to become more accessible to our customers. Our store will remain open to all customers as usual during the hour, and we hope that all of our customers will join in with respect during Sensory Sundays.”