10 June 2021

A day in Reindeer Court

10 June 2021

A day in Reindeer Court

You could quite easily spend the day eating and drinking at independents in Reindeer Court! Here’s how your day out could look:

Hangar Cafe

Start off with breakfast or brunch at Hangar Café!

Indulge in their delicious range of breakfast options and lunch options, maybe at brunch time or even for afternoon tea.

Whether you want to be sensible with some avocado on toast or treat yourself with some cake, like that enticing vegan chocolate cake pictured, they’ve certainly got you covered!



Neighbourhood Deli

Next, move onto munch from Neighbourhood Deli!

From Wednesdays to Saturdays, get yourself some incredible sandwiches made in house from local ingredients!

Look out for different items being added regularly as the menu often changes to include delicious new creations: updates are usually posted on their socials so have a look online!



Old Greyhound

Then head on down to the Old Greyhound!

Book in to get a table and enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere.

With a wide range of drinks and games being regularly shown, you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

Check their Facebook page to see what’s being shown and round off your day in good company!