4 March 2021

Social Food 4th March

4 March 2021

Social Food 4th March

House of Coffee

House of Coffee are here to help keep you occupied while we remain inside!

They post weekly recipes for baking a variety of inventive sweet treats on their social media, such as the Cookie Bar (pictured)!

With a handy ingredients list and detailed instructions, what’s stopping you giving it a go?

Have a look at what they’ve got here:



New ‘Take and Bake’ pizzas are available for local delivery (11 miles of Worcester) & collection at Fuego!

They are vacuum packed and part baked ready for you to finish off in your oven in just 6 minutes, ready to eat at your convenience!

To find the full range of 12″ Neapolitan pizzas available for ‘Take and Bake’, visit the website and order today!



Jessica’s Sweet Shop

“Our yummy Aussie dairy milk bars have really expanded lately!”

Jessica’s Sweet Shop have a wide range of sweet treats that you can’t find anywhere else, including this range of Cadbury chocolate!

To get your hands on some of these exclusive items, either for yourself, for Mum or for Easter, take a look at the online store here: