1 April 2021

Social Wellbeing 1st April

1 April 2021

Social Wellbeing 1st April

Museum of Royal Worcester

Join the Museum of Royal Worcester as they share “the visual riches and stories of the collection and offer ways for people to connect with us and get creative themselves”.

Get some inspiration by taking “a virtual tour of the Museum, try out some of the creative activities or listen to Philip Serrell talking from home about a favourite Worcester porcelain object”, available to watch on their social media pages as “Serrell Shorts!”



Goodlife Barbers

Have you caught one of Goodlife’s live streams? They’ve been a great way for the independent barbers to keep connected with you!

“The creation of Goodlife Supply Co. came from understanding the importance of individual style and needs. From our vegan skincare, to our hair products designed and developed by barbers themselves, with decades of experience.”

Find out more before they reopen:



Glazzard Architects

Glazzard Architects are behind some beautiful builds!

Pictured is one of the finished houses at Astley Vineyard that complements the client’s family business in a stunning woodland setting.

To further explore some of their work and make an enquiry yourself, take a look at their website and socials: