25 February 2021

Social Wellbeing 25th February

25 February 2021

Social Wellbeing 25th February

Worcester Hearing Centre

Worcester Hearing Centre is still open on Corn Market.

The staff are dedicated to keeping you healthy and seeing your needs are met with in-store procedures, like temperature checks on arrival, to ensure that you’re kept safe during your visit.

Visit their website below to find out what services are available and how you can book an appointment.




Cardzone are new to the High Street but, unfortunately, they can’t open yet.

However, their products are now available from their new online store!

With shipping offers, 100% recycled packaging and numerous brands such as Yankee Candle and Disney, you’re sure to find the perfect card and gift for any occasion!

Shop at the new store here:



Pure Gym

While gyms are still temporarily shut, you can still use their social media for workout ideas at home!

Pure Gym posts a range of exercises and stretches designed for everyone regularly, for example, Josh is pictured demonstrating one of a range of stretches for runners.

To find examples of more stretches you can do at home, follow the links here: