4 March 2021

Social Wellbeing 4th March

4 March 2021

Social Wellbeing 4th March


Yes they’re known for their fashion but Next are also champions in wellbeing products!

Whether you’re prepping for Mother’s day or simply a ‘self-care Sunday’, all you need to do is make sure that you’re running the bath, lighting the candles and relaxing with no distractions in earshot!

Take a look at what they’ve got in this range here:



Wicked Hair

The Wicked Hair team are excited to see you again!

The High Street salon engage regularly with their followers online as they follow the roadmap out of lockdown: each day that passes is another day closer to you getting that much needed haircut!

They are available to answer your questions and are preparing for bookings so, to make sure you don’t miss out, make sure you’re following them!



Age UK

Age UK on Mealcheapen Street is still currently closed but online shopping is available!

There are plenty of products for you to browse to make sure your elderly loved ones can remain safe at home if they are living independently.

Furthermore, their free donation/collection service allows you to safely donate your unneeded/unwanted furniture and goods to an elderly person near you who needs the support.

Find out how to get involved at: