21 January 2021

Social Wellbeing January 21st

21 January 2021

Social Wellbeing January 21st

Pack It In: Zero Waste Living

Even during a lockdown, Phil remains as busy as ever to ensure Pack It In brings you fresh, environmentally friendly products with zero waste!

Her new website and online store are easily accessible if you prefer that to walk-ins, and she now has extended delivery areas to help cater for you if you’re outside the Worcester area.

To order and find out the delivery areas, take a look at the website and Facebook page here: https://www.packitin-zerowasteliving.co.uk/



While Blushes’ physical doors remain shut, they are doing more than their fair share to help out the community!

Alongside making their hair care products available to buy online, they have also begun collecting for FairShare UK in “The Big Blushes Ramble”: walk 1,000 miles in 1 week! The Worcester branch is taking part to hit their £1,000 goal before 28th January.

Find out more and donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/the-big-blushes-ramble

Shop here: https://www.blushes.co.uk/worcester-salon


Kitsons Pharmacy

Kitsons Pharmacy remains open on Broad Street for you to pick up essential items for healthy living without the need to enter a busy supermarket!

Worcester’s longest running pharmacy is still dedicated to keeping you safe and well, during this period of uncertainty.

To find out how to best make the use of their services, have a look at their website and contact them here: https://www.kitsonspharmacy.co.uk/