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This unique event offers an opportunity to test your artistic skills whilst also enjoying your favourite wine.


Bottles Wine Shop, renowned for its exceptional wine selection, provides the ideal backdrop for your artistic journey.


Under the guidance of Estee, you’ll embark on a painting adventure. Estee will lead you through the step-by-step process, offering personalized instruction and encouragement to bring out your artistic best.


As you explore your creative side, you’ll have the pleasure of sipping on your chosen wine- from crisp whites to velvety reds, Bottles Wine Shop offers an array of curated options to complement your painting experience.


Whether you’re an experienced artist or a first-time painter, this session is designed to inspire and engage artists of all levels.


Gather with like-minded individuals, meet new friends, and indulge in the joy of art and wine. Unwind, paint & sip.


Please note, we will be painting with acrylic paints that are not the easiest to wash out of clothes. Aprons will be provided but we encourage people to attend in clothes they don’t mind getting paint on


Terms and Conditions apply, see event page on website for full details.



10 - 13 Dec 2023




Bottles Wine Shop
3-4 Reindeer Court, Worcester

Privacy Preference Center