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Classic Cheese & Wine Tasting

This is one of our most popular events, hence why we now run it regularly and thought it would be a perfect opener to launch us into the 2024 tasting events! Picture this: eight wine samples varying from sparkling, red, white and fortified, each paired with a fabulous cheese partner-in-crime.

There are a lot of delicious cheese and wine pairings that we are all familiar with; from classic Christmas Port and Stilton, to Cabernet Sauvignon and Mature Cheddar, the possibilities are endless. You will have 2 hours of light-hearted fun with our resident ‘Beardy Wine Guy’, Joe, and enjoy plenty of wine and cheese to boot.

If you have previously attended one of our ‘Classic’ tastings fear not, with our available portfolios of wine, we ensure you can expect new and different wines each time! Cheeses are sourced from our friends at Harvey & Brockless, whose artisanal selection is fantastic and immensely diverse. We will talk about why certain cheeses match certain wines and the tips and tricks you can use at home to work out the best pairings.

Traditional pairings and some more ‘out-there’ ones are waiting for you at Bottles. Bottles is serving up both traditional and more adventurous pairings, so whether you’re rocking fancy pants or stretchy ones, get ready for a scrumptious soirée of cheese and wine antics! Afterwards, you can impress your friends and family with tales of this epic evening (cue the applause).

Terms and Conditions apply, see event page on website for full details.


12 Jan 2024


19:00 - 21:00


Bottles Wine Shop
3-4 Reindeer Court, Worcester

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