Paper Cosmos

“Paper Cosmos” showcases the intricate and imaginative papercut collages of artists Joe Black Ardy and Jules Steed. This exhibition offers a visual journey through rituals, dreams, and otherworldly realms, where found ephemera are transformed through the lens of the artists’ cosmic imaginations. The selection features distinct yet complementary styles, providing a captivating exploration of layered realities.

Joe Black Ardy Artist Statement

In his artistic process Joe Black Ardy removes contextual confines to construct newfound personal mythologies and narratives. Through traditional analogue collage techniques, he destroys the old and unwanted to reconstruct and rebuild, bringing to light intriguing parallels that exist amidst seemingly unrelated images.

Jules Steed Artist Statement

The work of Jules Steed releases characters from vintage pattern catalogues into new, alternative realms. The use of science magazines, both vintage and from the present day, provides the scale and context of different worlds, planets and universes. The people seem happy to be free.



23 - 29 Jul 2024


10:00 - 16:00


The Arches
Croft Walk, Worcester WR1 3BD
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