Hey Kids!

I’m Ollie the Otter and I work here in Worcester as a River Ranger. I help keep the riverside clean and tidy, but sometimes I need your help as well.

Please can you do me a favour? If you need to throw anything away please can you hold on to it until the next bin that you walk past? It’s important we don’t just drop things. One of my friends, Susie the Swan, swallowed a crisp wrapper and a ring-pull from a can, and she’s been very unwell ever since.

I will be popping up all over the riverside on the tall signs, so look out for me! I know I can count on you, but can you count how many pictures there are of me?

There’s a quiz below. See if you can answer all the questions.

Got to dash – I’ve just heard that the fish are jumping by the fish pass and I need to see what’s going on. Have you been there yet to see the fish swimming through their special tunnel?

Bye for now and see you all soon. Don’t forget to use the bins.


Honey Bee on a yellow flower

I love wildflowers and so do my buzzy mates who collect pollen from them to make honey. Do you know what insects who make honey are called?

Greater Horse Show Bat in flight at night

When it starts to get dark you can see my friends the bats flying around. There’s more than one type of bat that lives here – can you find out their names? You’ll find some clues on a tall sign along Kleve Walk and by the old pump house on Henwick Parade.

As well as Susie the Swan there are many other birds on the river and flying around the trees. How many different ones can you spot?

Swan flapping it's wings on the river

Have you seen where Susie and all the other swans are? They gather by the big bridge and feed together. I like to know how many of them are living here, so can you see if you can count them for me?

Twait-Shad being released

Lots of different fish swim in the river, and a special tunnel known as a “fish pass” has been built to help some of them. Can you find the names of the fish that can use the fish pass? There are some clues on a tall sign at Bromwich Parade.

I’ve got many insect friends who live on the riverside. I’ve helped the River Rangers to build insect hotels so that they’ve got somewhere to shelter when the weather’s bad. Here are pictures of four of my favourites. Can you spot them? And do you know what they’re called?

Mixed Wild Flowers

Are you good at drawing? Me and the other River Rangers plant wild flowers alongside the river. Can you draw me five different flowers that you’ve seen here?