Annie Dressner “I Thought It Would Be Easier”

She has been likened to an ‘up-tempo Mazzy Star’, Phoebe Bridgers and First Aid Kit.

Dressner is able to paint visceral images and transport the listener to the world of the song.” – American Songwriter

Born and bred in the heart of NYC, Annie’s musical journey started at an unexpected crossroads. The night of her high school graduation, she picked up the family guitar for the very first time and discovered a hidden passion that would change her life. Inspired by icons like Simon & Garfunkel, Carly Simon, and Ben Kweller, she began crafting her own melodies, often humming her thoughts like a secret soundtrack to city life.

Annie’s artistic odyssey led her to countless open mic nights in the bustling streets of New York, where she learned the art of performance and song writing. It wasn’t just about singing; it was about baring her soul through her own creations. These experiences ignited a fire within her, setting the stage for her debut solo show at legendary NYC venue ‘The Bitter End’ in 2008.

Reflecting on love, friendships and memories, singer-songwriter Annie Dressner bears her soul on her upcoming new album “I Thought It Would Be Easier”, out 5th April via Dharma Records.

Doors: 19:00. Tickets: £13.70.  Box Office: 0845 303 2760.


01 May 2024




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