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Life Over Death | Award-winning Film Screening

‘House of Bones’ under Bishop John’s home featured in a documentary.

An award- winning film based on a book written by Bishop John’s late wife Denise, will get a special screening at Worcester Cathedral to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her death.

The film is based around Denise Inge’s book ‘A Tour of Bones’ which she wrote after becoming fascinated by the charnel house – a crypt filled with human bones – hidden under a trapdoor in their basement.

The history of the charnel house became much more significant for Denise when she was diagnosed with an inoperable sarcoma – her book covers the themes of mortality, preparing for death and embracing life.

Local video production agency, Conteur, worked in collaboration with the Bishop to create the film, ‘Life Over Death’, sharing never-seen-before footage of thousands of medieval human bones in the cathedral grounds and bringing to life Denise’s words…

The house of bones remains one of Worcester’s best-kept secrets, and Bishop John is hoping the screening will share some of the cathedral’s lesser-known magic with viewers, while paying tribute to Denise who lost her life to cancer in 2014.


Adults: £16.00


09 Mar 2024




Worcester Cathedral

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